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ICOH 2024 Congress


We invite you to stay in our Moroccan land that embodies so well the seductions of the east. Its imperial cities, Berber Kasbahs, sumptuous mosques, and gastronomy that unravels new flavors at each meal. Its snowy mountain tops and canyons that seduce even those who are unmoved by the charms of the desert. Its coastal cities are a genuine haven of rest after visiting the nestling medinas behind the red ocher clay ramparts with chopped and inscribed city gates. We invite you to discover a country turned to the future, a country whose national object is the sustainable development and imperative is to put man in the center of the progress in respect and tolerance.


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Es un placer para la Sociedad de Medicina del Trabajo de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, acercarles a Uds. todas las novedades Internacionales de nuestra Especialidad


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